Ça Bouge Boutique

Emily has been and continues to be a great asset to my business, Ça Bouge Boutique. She has totally redesigned and rebuilt my website, which I love. She has educated myself and my staff (we are all technologically challenged) in the intricacies of social media, even running two workshops for us and providing beautifully laminated, simple to follow workbooks. Emily has been integral in the rebranding and marketing of my business, from the name, to the logo, to the colours and she has totally refreshed our image. She designs and constructs advertising material, which is always a perfect fit – Emily “just gets” how I want to portray my business. Emily is a proficient and passionate photographer and teamed with her design and IT skills this makes her an asset in any work environment. Emily is fantastic to work with; she is calm, focused, prompt, efficient, incredibly knowledgeable, has great listening skills and above all is warm, friendly and very approachable. With such desirable qualities at such a young age, Emily will have a strong future.

Caroline Hutchinson
Owner of Ça Bouge Boutique

I designed a complete re-brand for Ça Bouge Boutique and worked hard to enhance the online presence of the shop. I re-designed the logo, shot photographs of the shop and a variety of it’s products, designed a new, fully responsive website, designed numerous adverts and posters & refreshed the Facebook and Instagram pages to get them up to date and consistent with the new brand identity. I also held a training session for Caro and the team to teach them how to use the social media pages more effectively. Now, they are able to incorporate improving their online presence into the day to day running of the shop.

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