Saint James KIDS

Emily worked with us on rebranding our Children’s Work at St James. It was a joy to work with Emily. She took time to understand the culture and history of our organization, and she was able to see where we want to take it. Her designs and creativity are excellent: fresh, engaging, just what we were after. She was very accommodating and able to produce the wide range of designs that we required for our branding. I would highly recommend EJS Creative, and hope to work with Emily more in the future.

Guy Mansell
Children’s Pastor at Saint James Church

I designed a complete re-brand for the children’s groups at St James Church. This included a series of logos, brand guidelines, a brochure, roll-up banners, and printed t-shirt designs. I worked closely with the existing St James branding and kept in close communication with the Saint James KIDS team throughout the design process. This allowed me to ensure that my work suited their vision for the look & feel of the brand.

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